My first century

Today, I rode 100 miles on my bicycle – actually, 101.

I rolled out of the parking lot at XL Cycle Shop in Plano at 7:30 am with a group of dedicated crazy people – the official ride was canceled because of the cold weather and wind.

As we rolled north out of the parking lot on Independence, I realized finally that I was going to do this thing! It was biting cold, but I could feel the warmth building in my body and it gave me the confidence to know that I would succeed.

The first half was pretty rough and slow as we rode primarily into the wind. Our group shrank to just 3 before we stopped for lunch at the Wildwood Bakery. I would have loved a piece of pie, but I couldn’t figure out how to carry it home, and it seemed a little heavy for the ride.

The trip home was a lot easier with a tailwind, but the 8 miles west on Bethany Road were probably the most miserable 30 minutes I’ve ever spent on a bicycle as we slogged into 15-25 mph headwinds. I did a little cheer as I made the final left turn onto Independence and finished my 101 miles with the wind at my back.

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