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Not those polls

No… The other polls

Bucky is back to being, well, Bucky. And Satchel continues to have outstanding insight, for a dog… Which reminds me… My wife and I, between us, have a combined IQ that is easily higher than the speed limit. Yet, somehow, when we went to Costco the other day, knowing that we were low on peanut butter, managed to buy pretty much everything in the store except peanut butter. Better luck next...

Bucky strikes on a rare bit of wisdom.


I start every morning with a trip through my favorite comics… And on great days, I finish it by having another chuckle at the funniest ones… PVP Online Bucky’s self-proclaimed enlightenment has been pretty amusing courtesy an utter lack of enlightened though thus far… It was an odd treat to see him hit upon true wisdom today. It seems Satchel finds wisdom far more often. Get Fuzzy