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Amanda at the zoo

Anniversary tradition

Amanda pointed out as we turned down the driveway this evening that tomorrow marks sixteen years. 16. One six. Seems like just yesterday we walked down the aisle, got all emotional in front of our friends, and had a good laugh when the minister nearly forgot to tell us to kiss. And what better way to finish off the day than knocking loose the fuel pump relay in my truck, thereby...

Fuji at rest on a cold winter's day in Dallas

38… Riding the thermometer

  We year-round cyclists have a way of rationalizing really cold days. Once the mercury starts to dip below 50, we “ride the thermometer.” 45 degrees? 45 miles. Last night at dinner we were discussing what/where to ride today. At the time, I wasn’t really keen on another ride downtown, but I knew it was the prudent choice. One of the mysteries of living near a big city is that said big...