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Western burger

Some random musings over a mis-spent weekend

  We started the weekend on Friday evening the way we start most weekends. Stuffing our faces. This time, we’d ventured over to Aparicio’s at 18th and Avenue K for some Mexier Tex-mex. They did not disappoint. We hung out longer than usual and eventually wandered over to Braum’s for ice cream. Nothing like a little frozen dairy to warm you up on a cold Texas Friday night. My original Saturday...

Motobecane Ti mountain bike

Sunday bloody Sunday

Amanda started out the day by verifying that gravity was still functioning properly. It was. No damage done to body or bike save a little elbow scrape. We enjoyed a casual cruise on the northward leg. Cranked things up a bit heading east through the golf course up to the dump. Amanda seemed to really enjoy heading north on Lake Forest with a tailwind. Can’t say that I blame her. We...