Sunday bloody Sunday

Amanda started out the day by verifying that gravity was still functioning properly. It was. No damage done to body or bike save a little elbow scrape.

We enjoyed a casual cruise on the northward leg. Cranked things up a bit heading east through the golf course up to the dump. Amanda seemed to really enjoy heading north on Lake Forest with a tailwind. Can’t say that I blame her.

We cut east through the McKinney neighborhoods and stopped at the RaceTrac before continuing on by the airport and south on 317 to the fruit stand. On Stacy road just before the turn to Angel, I thought Amanda was right behind me, but I was wrong. I felt bad leaving her out to dry making that left turn on her own, but she did it like a pro! As we made that left turn, however, we got our first full on frontal assault into the wind. I think we were doing 11 mph and my heart rate was climbing higher than I wanted it to…

After what seemed an eternity, we made the right turn on to Rivercrest and enjoyed the shelter from the wind. Didn’t get really bad again except for a few strong gusts on Alma. I couldn’t talk her in to a bagel, so we cut through the library to Marchman and made our way south on Mission Ridge.

Another great Sunday morning on the bike! Happy to get to spend it with my wife!

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