One. Five. Zero.

Started out from the house and took the long way up to Indy & Legacy, so I already had 13 miles before we launched at 8.

First things first… WOW! That 55 ring makes Trish FLY!!! She did a fabulous job pulling us up the hills after lunch!

Enjoyed the experience of dropping my chain the FIRST time I shifted to the small ring… Made a quick adjustment and didn’t have any real problems the rest of the day. Chipseal exploded my mapping GPS mount, but that’s no surprise. I come to expect it. Fortunately they are warranted for life.

Ate the wrong thing at lunch. Spent several hours wishing I’d barf it back up so I could quit tasting the grease. No luck. Felt better after I got home and slammed a cherry coke & some crackers. Went back out for 25 miles with the wife to get 150 and to keep her happy, not necessarily in that order.

The route left a lot to be desired. Lots of high traffic roads, difficult left turns and chipseal. The lunch location was a bit greasy and they seemed overwhelmed by the crowd. I knew Sachnik was on to something when he ordered the salad. But I THOUGHT I wanted a cheeseburger. But, as we mentioned… Cheeseburger + 50 miles into a 15 mph wind = BAD!

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