Monthly Archive: February 2010

The new comfort food

Having grown up a southerner, comfort food means mac & cheese, pot roast, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and all the like. Yet, now, my comfort food is a big bowl of curry chicken rice noodle soup from Pho Que Huong. How do these things happen?

Cayenne in box

Better not to know?

It’s mornings like these I’m glad I can’t understand what my pets are trying to tell me. I mean, yes, it is clear that they’re indicating that it’s time for me to leave. They want free and unfettered access to their house. That was made clear when Cayenne started shoving a few books, blankets, pillows and sundry off the shelf above the bed. More clear, when said items started landing on my...

Flower in bloom

Back to the salt mine

It felt good to be back at work yesterday. It was surreal. I didn’t feel like I was back in Dallas at the office. It was painful as people around me asked uncomfortable questions. I can hide at work for a while. Stuck in logical puzzles of herding electrons. Doing problem solving. Troubleshooting. Planning. Design. Perhaps that will keep my mind at ease for a while.

Fuji at rest on a cold winter's day in Dallas

Missing normal

I haven’t seen much normal lately. In fact, normal has been missing since summer. Normal, by definition created over 2007 and 2008 means riding my bicycle 10-15 hours a week, amassing 150-250 miles and lots of the bike maintenance that goes with that. This fall, I made a conscious effort to take two weeks off the bike. I cheated, and it wound up being eleven days. Three days of normal riding...