Missing normal

I haven’t seen much normal lately. In fact, normal has been missing since summer.

Normal, by definition created over 2007 and 2008 means riding my bicycle 10-15 hours a week, amassing 150-250 miles and lots of the bike maintenance that goes with that.

This fall, I made a conscious effort to take two weeks off the bike. I cheated, and it wound up being eleven days. Three days of normal riding later, I was knocked off my motorcycle on the way to work. Seventeen days off the bike. I managed about a month of light riding on the weekends before Christmas. We managed two very short rides while home for Christmas. After returning to Texas, I managed a semi-normal week with three rides and one trainer session. And then it got very cold again, so back to 2 weekend rides. Back to North Carolina for a funeral and no riding. And then back to Texas again in time for (you guessed it) more cold, damp weather. Only one ride this weekend.

I really miss being able to whine about how badly my legs hurt from all the riding. I discovered today that my back was hurting because I wasn’t riding… Oh, the irony…