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Lauren takes a leisurely ride up to Waterrock Knob

A job well done

I am a teacher. Whether I mean to or not, I shape the minds of many young people every year. I do the best I can, but it is a frustrating, thankless job some days. I am frequently asked by people who don’t teach—most who don’t really know kids—what I think of the next generation. This is a heavy subject for me, as I probably take my job way too seriously....

So... is that a mole of Beaker or a beaker of mole?

Things I’ll need in my science classroom

This certainly breaks a fundamental rule of procrastination, but I’ve been slowly compiling a list of things that my science classroom will need. Science must be (or at least become) fun for the kids, and there are certainly opportunities in physics to make it fun. That aside, it never hurts to have adorable mascots along for the ride, even if they are a bit more chemistry than physics. Perhaps its just...