Monthly Archive: July 2007

Cycling injury

The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t always a freight train

I’d begun to think I’d upset the balance of Karma. Strangest because I thought I’d taken care of that when I found a lady’s day planner sitting in the middle of the right-hand lane of McDermott Drive last week. I figured I’d scored a few thousand points in my favor. Boy, was I wrong… That very afternoon, I suffered two flats. But, that was only after Dave was unable to join...

Motobecane Ti mountain bike

Hanging on to sit in

I enjoyed a fantastic group bicycle ride yesterday evening. I worked hard to stay at the front of the pack. I was careful to mete out my energy. And then we turned into the wind. And off I fell. But the cool part was, I caught the pack again and tried again! They shook me off again, but it sure did feel good to try!

Red bike on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Zen before breakfast

I found Zen! It happened on the bike this morning traveling south on the return leg to the house down Independence Parkway. My heart was steady at 55% of max. It’s a gentle downhill grade for a couple miles, and at 23 mph, the road spray coming off my front wheel was *just* clearing my helmet. The shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh of the tires over the wet pavement was the only sound to be...