The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t always a freight train

I’d begun to think I’d upset the balance of Karma.

Strangest because I thought I’d taken care of that when I found a lady’s day planner sitting in the middle of the right-hand lane of McDermott Drive last week. I figured I’d scored a few thousand points in my favor. Boy, was I wrong…

That very afternoon, I suffered two flats. But, that was only after Dave was unable to join me for the ride due to a wardrobe malfunction. Heh.

But I patched everything together and had a really nice ride Wednesday night and almost kept up with AW. Heck, even had a really nice recovery ride on Thursday morning.

And then Saturday. Saturday was the first rally I’d ridden in a while. I was really looking forward to it. I was hoping for a 19.5+ mph average over the 62 mile course. I think one of the ride reviews mentioned only 10% chip seal… I think they were confused and meant to say only 10% was NOT chip seal. Every plastic bit on my poor bicycle broke from the rattles and shakes. I even tore the cleat loose from my right shoe.

But, now, I have a new GPS mount (thanks, REI). I have 2 new tires. I even figured out how to re-hang my old saddle bag. Oh, yeah… and I’ve got new shoes… Carbon fiber, yo!

And Sunday’s ride was the greatest ever! Mark Sachnik took us out west – and there was no small sigh of relief it wasn’t another trip to Sachse and Wylie. A number of fortuitous wrong turns took us through some beautiful parts of town over some beautiful smooth roads with very little traffic. I even got to contribute my knowledge of the area by helping us find a smooth sail route back north through Carrollton. And we were fast! At least by my standards…

I took my first solo ride of the week this morning. I wasn’t riding slow enough to call it recovery. And it sure wasn’t hard enough to build anything… But, wow… what a beautiful morning!

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