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The best part of a run with the WMD

9.5 Weeks

It’s been a while since I tied on my running shoes. October 24th, to be exact, for the 5k at the Austin LiveSTRONG Challenge. Then, I rode the bike 64 miles on Sunday. For two weeks after that event I was “on break” and then, following my return to the bicycle on November 7th and 8th, I was wiped out by a truck while riding to work on my motorcycle. In the...

Gotta get the ball!

Life with the WMD: Keeping it classy

Within 24 hours of Fiona coming to live with us, I had her enrolled in obedience school. I wasn’t given a choice in this matter — neither by Amanda, nor by Fiona. Fiona was brilliant at obedience school. Well… mostly… There were two very small issues. One stemmed from her insane drive. She loves to play. She wants to play. More. More. More! The other, I suspect, stems from her separation anxiety....