Facebook and my last nerve

The beginning of the end between me and Facebook may have started on the day that I couldn’t get the app to install on my iPhone – followed by the app on the iPad dying in similar fashion. However, today it is going to new heights to permanently lose my interest. Despite having deactivated my account, I noticed Facebook notifications popping up on my screen today. Wonder how that could happen? I have since taken further action to nuke the Facebook association on my Macs and double-checked to ensure that I’m logged out on the iPreciouses. Grumble.

On a positive note, it’s been hovering just above freezing in Plano today, so the cats have been rather cuddly.

SMU at Christmas

SMU at Christmas, 2012

As Christmas light season approaches, I’m reminded that last year I took advantage of a rather warm December evening to go in search of lights to photograph. By failing to maintain sufficient vigilance on an approaching storm, I managed to get thoroughly soaked and quite nearly frozen. Let’s hope I fare better this year…

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