Thanksgiving violation

I get it. The holiday season is upon us, and consumerism is going to swallow us whole. I am as guilty as anyone for enjoying the hunt of shopping. But seriously, I am disillusioned by the developments of this year.

Many of the big retailers are having huge sales on Thanksgiving day. I find this abhorrent for both those who have to man the cash registers and those who would spend this day fighting for merchandise. All my life this has been the one day when all there was to do was cook, eat, and watch TV… play cards and enjoy a day when there was nothing else to do. Most of my life, this has been a day for family. We are not a particularly close family, but we care for each other, and only very recently have we spent many Thanksgiving days apart. I believe that whenever possible, families should spend that special day together.

Give thanks for what you have. Give thanks for your family, for your loving friends. For crying out loud, leave the stuff at the store for one more day!

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