I miss having thick hair

Logan and Laramie cuddled up

There are days when I am a bit jealous of Laramie’s pelt… I’d probably look silly with orange hair, though.

Amanda used to really like my thick hair. Now the only thing thick above my neck is my head. Hey… at least I’ll admit it. Actually, my beard is pretty thick… thick enough, in fact, to intimidate my razor. There are days it’ll barely slice through – and the electric gadget can just forget it.

Amanda brought home some stuff called Biotin the other week since it was on sale at Kroger. While tempted, I have refrained. I suspect a part of me is afraid I’ll still be stuck with thin wispy stuff atop my scalp and ridiculous tree trunks on my chin. I really don’t want to start shaving with a chainsaw. That would just be silly.

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