Six tailed comet

Comets are like cats…

“Comets are like cats; they have tails, and they do precisely what they want.” – David H. Levy

Your gnometown brewery


“He was a wise man who invented beer.” –Plato

Cayenne in box

Better not to know?

It’s mornings like these I’m glad I can’t understand what my pets are trying to tell me. I mean, yes, it is clear that they’re indicating that it’s time for me to leave. They want free and unfettered access to their house. That was made clear when Cayenne started shoving a few books, blankets, pillows and sundry off the shelf above the bed. More clear, when said items started landing on my...

Motobecane Ti mountain bike

Hanging on to sit in

I enjoyed a fantastic group bicycle ride yesterday evening. I worked hard to stay at the front of the pack. I was careful to mete out my energy. And then we turned into the wind. And off I fell. But the cool part was, I caught the pack again and tried again! They shook me off again, but it sure did feel good to try!