What is a Wickett?

Canis Wickettis

Wickett in the yard

Wickett in the yard

Wickett is a Jack Russell Terrier who came to live with us after a brief stint in the pound. He specializes is chasing cats, barking at ghosts and shedding on the couch.

Actually, shedding has apparently gone out of style, so he now meticulously pulls his hair and leaves it in neat piles in front of the couch. At least it’s easier to vacuum that way, I suppose.

After several years of exposure to computers, Wickett informed his humans that they were behind the times and needed to register a domain for their beloved pet. After a thorough search, he settled upon wickett.org, deciding “What better name than mine?”

We hope you will be edified, enlightened or at least mildly amused by what you find.