Customer service… Why bother?

Apparently, I’m not meant to watch television. I was terribly excited by Verizon’s FIOS TV service. Great picture quality. Competitive price. Then I called the customer service line to make a change. Heh. Soon I shall have to give up and build my own DVR and watch TV off an antenna. It took 45 minutes to get through to someone since I don’t have a Verizon phone line. I can’t even find an address to send my letter to to complain. So here’s my complaint.

But since the bastards at Verizon are up to their stellar best in providing customer service, I’m finally getting some time to read Ringworld. I’m sure by the time I’ve finished, I’ll just skip all technology. If you’re curious… Yes, I am, in fact, reading Ringworld as an eBook. I can’t help it…. I just like self-illuminating reading material.

We’ve added Mopar to our stable, if you’re curious. There are some lovely photos available if you must see, but it’s just your run of the mill Dodge 2500 Quad Cab Long Bed Cummins Turbo Diesel beastie. Unloaded we’re getting about 23 mpg so far. It should be ready to start dragging stuff around soon.

And the fine folks at Cingular T&T were kind enough to release the uber fantastic 3125 phone just in time to save me from switiching to a larger phone. Rotten lot at customer service, those folks, as well… But that’s another day.

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