Back to the stone ages of TV

Ok… so watching anything on a 46 inch rear projection DLP set is far from the stone ages, but the time has come to ditch cable. Ditch satellite. Ditch fiber to the premise. Customer service is king, they say, but it’s clear that the king is out to lunch.

On the other hand, I’m fully convinced that there really is competition against the cable companies now. And I think that Netflix and their competitors may be it. It’s certainly the only way I’ll be able to live without having my shows recorded automatically for me.

We’re still debating whether to run our own DVR for over the air shows – the majority of what we watch on TV, or just to rent them at the end of the season from Netflix. Somehow, I think the Netflix route is the lowest stress method. Sure… we’ve gotten the occasional scratched, mutilated or unplayable DVD from Netflix, but they have customer service – however impersonal it may be – that does a fine job of making me feel OK about the whole thing.

I still say that FIOS TV looks great. When it works. The picture quality is absolutely outstanding. But it’s not worth the bucks to get 3 more channels (that we actually watch) past the over the air stuff. I guess I need to learn how to watch Formula 1 over the Internet now…