I couldn’t find Wickett this morning…

Wickett says it's too cold

Wickett says it’s entirely too cold.

After being completely or partially incapacitated for nearly two months, it felt great to do something last night. Two somethings, actually… I changed the oil in the RX-8 and I replaced the ignition element in my upstairs furnace.

The oil change went Exxon Valdez when the cold temps apparently took their toll on my catch pan and caused it to spring a small leak. Even after the impressive spill in part one of the fiasco, I then tried to drop the pan on the other side of the garage, catching it just in time to merely slosh more oil out… Fortunately we have kitty litter. Even more fortunately, it was still out in the garage.

I hope the climate in the house will be a little better balanced with both furnaces running without us having to resort to opening the bedroom door (and thus, releasing the invisible cat to do mischief throughout the house…).

I knew it was cold outside this morning. The long blasts of hot air blowing from the furnace are fair warning that it is cold out there. No need to check the thermometer… The last couple Dallas winters have been blissfully mild, sparing us the indignity of real and proper cold weather. We’re currently in the midst of a solid cold streak, and Thursday and Friday are currently forecast to provide sub-freezing high temperatures.

I got a further hint of that chill that awaited me outside when Fiona was a little extra snuggly after returning from her early morning outing with Amanda, and I got poked in the shoulder with a bitterly cold wet nose.

When the time rolled around to pack up and head for the office, I went to round up the dogs and move them to their respective holding areas. Fiona was waiting in her crate for me to come close (or forget to close) the door.

But, no Wickett. I checked the usual spots… He wasn’t sleeping on the litter box. He wasn’t curled up on Amanda’s pillow. He wasn’t on the throw rug in front of the shower. How odd… I started to go check if he had escaped to go nap on his bed in the living room when I heard the blankets snoring…

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