The WMD Diaries – Day 1

Dear Diary:

He nearly caught me today. I didn’t quite get the latch redone on my kennel, and he looked at it funny when he was “letting me out.” I’m still unable to open the door to escape the bedroom and gain access to the computers, but I found a Nokia n700 under one of the bedroom cabinets. It’s primitive, but it does have WiFi and I was able to connect to the access point.

No messages from the leadership recently, but I continue to be vigilant. The cats here share nothing, though one of them knows how to manipulate him and get out of the bedroom unsupervised. I may have to smuggle more dog treats in to bribe her for more information.

If he does suspect anything, he clearly wasn’t concerned as he took me out for a run. I attempted to leave a message at the drop site, but he saw me and retrieved it with a plastic bag and dropped it in a brown plastic canister on the side of the road. I’ll try again next time I get out.

For now,

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