Snowpocalypse 2013… Has it begun?

My apologies for the upright video brigade… in my defense, my hands were cold, and I never expected to actually share it with anyone…

Amanda smiles in the snow.

What it feels like. Note… It did NOT snow today. Yet. It’s just stupid cold.

The best part of living in Dallas is the weather. Except when it isn’t. I constantly marvel that I can comfortably drive my convertible top-down most every week of the year. It seems, however, that Canada wanted to share some misery and shipped us a metric arse-ton of cold air. I was fortunate enough to sneak in a couple bike rides the last two days, as I’m rather afraid I won’t be seeing much tire on pavement time this weekend, bicycle or otherwise. When I stepped outside this morning, I was sure glad the voices in my head and made sure I did spend that quality time on the bike.

The weather gurus are now warning that the precipitation may start earlier and last longer. Since we’re not expected to see above freezing temperatures again until late Sunday, that does not bode well.

Brr... Sonja Sleeps, nose under tail.

What I’d probably rather be doing…

I can, at times enjoy cold. Right now isn’t one of those times, though, as my allergies have tightened the screws and sent in reinforcements to ensure proper degrees of misery. When the whole city doesn’t smell like it’s on fire, I feel vaguely as though a mutant wildebeest is trying to fold my shoulder blades together just to see if they will. Apart from that and my eyes itching, however, all is well.

The new Ford didn’t balk at all at the sub zero celsius thermometer. That was a treat after years of the Dodge requiring electrical assistance on days that weren’t downright summery. I still haven’t remembered to put my gloves in my coat pockets (so they’ll be warm), and I managed to forget my beanie first on the way out of the house and second when leaving the truck. That’ll teach me what good it does to keep an extra beanie in the glove compartment… No worries, though… It only took an hour for my ears to thaw out from the walk across campus to the UTeach workroom.

Amanda conned me into helping judge a science fair this afternoon. Then, I have an important date with a cup of hot tea… Must keep our priorities straight, and all!

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