Cup of tea


This is really the sort of video that should be filmed with a cup of tea instead of silly old coffee… It’s also something that you just can’t stop watching. I love the videos that folks make using super high speed cameras. It’s great how growth in technology drives down cost and grants more people  access to tools or allows people to put tools in harm’s way with less financial risk.

Brr... Sonja Sleeps, nose under tail.

Snowpocalypse 2013… Has it begun?

The best part of living in Dallas is the weather. Except when it isn’t. I constantly marvel that I can comfortably drive my convertible top-down most every week of the year. It seems, however, that Canada wanted to share some misery and shipped us a metric arse-ton of cold air…

Fuji at rest on a cold winter's day in Dallas

Bruyneel says thanks. “Congrats, Fatty!”

Over $100,000 in 3 days. Team Fatty rules. Elden is the master fundraiser. Hopefully he doesn’t crash out the entire Team Shack on the training ride on Sunday. Here’s how this all started.