Monthly Archive: November 2013

Bucky strikes on a rare bit of wisdom.


I start every morning with a trip through my favorite comics… And on great days, I finish it by having another chuckle at the funniest ones… PVP Online Bucky’s self-proclaimed enlightenment has been pretty amusing courtesy an utter lack of enlightened though thus far… It was an odd treat to see him hit upon true wisdom today. It seems Satchel finds wisdom far more often. Get Fuzzy

Your gnometown brewery


“He was a wise man who invented beer.” –Plato – 6.0

It had to happen eventually. One too many times playing juggle the updates to fix some new security vulnerability in Drupal (rhymes with Roople) pushed me over the edge. WordPress has looked like a good idea for a long time, but I’ve just lacked motivation to do a revamp. Then, however, I got a push in the right direction when Facebook became equally frustrating, and I lost my arena for venting...

SMU at Christmas

Facebook and my last nerve

The beginning of the end between me and Facebook may have started on the day that I couldn’t get the app to install on my iPhone – followed by the app on the iPad dying in similar fashion. However, today it is going to new heights to permanently lose my interest. Despite having deactivated my account, I noticed Facebook notifications popping up on my screen today. Wonder how that could happen?...